Client Stories

Client Stories

“[Dennis] answers the phone before three rings and says, ‘Hello, Cindy.’ Can’t get better service than that.”

Cindy Ludlow

Gardner Construction in Mt. Juliet, TN

“I have felt a very different type of relationship that you typically do not feel when you're working with someone on a business level. It's almost like family. I really respect the relationship that we have with one another, and I hope that our relationship continues for years to come.”

Theressa Stephens

Church Childcare in Walkertown, NC

“Having worked with numerous lenders over the past 35 years, William has been (and continues to be) one of our favorite bankers. Always steps ahead of us and a pleasure to know and work with him.”

Frank Hinman

Winston-Salem, NC

“Arlen is reliable and trustworthy and puts his clients first.”

Dr. Chad Curry

Murfreesboro, TN

“Steve listens to me when I have questions, offers personalized solutions, always follows through on his commitments.”

Ken Mabe

Roanoke, VA

“We moved our accounts from a large national bank to Pinnacle. It has been the best banking experience of my career. I have had the same wonderful relationship manager the whole time I have done business with Pinnacle, and when I go into the branch, the same people are always there and greet me by name.”

Warren Melamed DDS, President

Oral Health Management/Embassy Dental

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