GloryBeans CoffeeHouse

GloryBeans CoffeeHouse

GloryBeans Coffeehouse offers fellowship, ministry and top notch coffee in its small town home. When the owner went through a fight for her life, her partner from Pinnacle was there to help.

Connie Blalock is used to helping people. She even runs a homeless ministry out of her GloryBeans CoffeeHouse, opening the shop for people to gather, cool off (or warm up) and get something to eat.

But she recently reached a point where she was the one who needed help. She was in a fight for her life against breast cancer, and it was getting tougher and tougher to run her business.

Luckily she has Pam Poplin to help carry the load. Pam is Connie’s friend and neighbor. Oh, and she’s also her financial advisor.

“When I do business with somebody, I usually get babied because that’s what I need,” Connie said. “I need people to help take care of me. And so that’s what Pam and the rest of the group at the bank has done.”

So Pam stepped up. She started making daily walks down the street from her office to collect deposits, make change and do any other banking business they needed. When she couldn’t make it, she made sure someone else from Pinnacle could. The walk isn’t long, but Connie still felt like Pam was bending over backward to help.

“They’ve been an amazing resource and an amazing help for me,” Connie said. “It’s not just about business. It becomes a personal relationship. And that’s really important.”

The thing is, it’s not that unusual for Pam. Her reputation among the team is to be hands-on helpful with every client she can. She shows the kind of leadership all Pinnacle associates are encouraged to practice: to do the right thing for clients and the community – without having to ask permission.