Pinnacle's trust advisors can help you take advantage of the many benefits of having a trust. Pinnacle can help you reduce estate taxes, plan charitable contributions and – most importantly – ensure your assets are managed and distributed to beneficiaries exactly how you intend. Trusts are private and, therefore, exempt from public records.

We combine experienced advisors and independent investment expertise with local administration. Pinnacle's trust advisors average more than 20 years of experience and currently manage trusts with assets totaling more than $1 billion.

We provide professional advice about:

  • Trust administration, including investments and tax accounting
  • Estate administration
  • Investment strategies to grow a trust's assets
  • Asset custody and escrow for business transactions, including mergers and acquisitions and settlements related to the sale of a business
  • IRA rollovers

In addition to efficient administration and careful compliance, we have an "open architecture" program for trust investments. This means our trust clients have access to an array of investment options including Pinnacle's proprietary portfolios through Pinnacle Wealth Advisors, our Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).