Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

“We believe more than ever that Americans must be united in pushing our country forward to a more inclusive and equitable future. As deployers of capital, banks are in a unique position to build inclusive economies where everyone has the opportunity to take part and reap the rewards. That’s where our sights are set: making an impact, improving quality of life and taking everybody with us.”

- Terry Turner, Pinnacle’s president and CEO


Our Commitment to Corporate Responsibility

Banking is a business of improvement. We work to help improve people’s finances, businesses and homes. We seek to help improve their standing in the world and the legacies they leave to their families.

That daily work has a cumulative effect that reaches outside of the direct service we give to clients. It should help improve the quality of life for an entire community and, looking beyond the borders of a particular market, improve the quality of life for as many communities and people as we can.

We at Pinnacle make deliberate and strategic efforts to meet that responsibility. It’s baked into our reason for being, the why behind our firm and the vision that we drive toward.

  • We strive to be the best financial services firm and the best place to work in the Southeast.
  • We seek to make a significant positive impact on the communities we serve.
  • Because we believe every single person deserves a great place to work and a great place to do business.
  • Because we believe that people are important and that every individual makes a difference.

Every associate at our firm holds these beliefs as the North Star for every decision we make to serve clients, each other and our communities. Our mission, vision and values are so much a part of our DNA that it can be challenging to quantify the impact we make. Volunteer projects, charitable donations, affordable housing investments and the like are easy to measure. It’s much more difficult when you have a firm made up of 3,200 difference makers all giving discretionary effort to making someone’s day brighter or helping a client or stranger in trouble.

Caring is baked into who we are, who we recruit and how we comport ourselves on a daily basis. It would be impossible to measure the impact that approach and attitude have on our communities.

Still, this report is our best effort at calculating the level of improvement we’ve brought to the lives of our stakeholders, our communities and the world at large and to more fully account for and contextualize those efforts that can’t be measured with numbers.

This is how we worked to take everybody with us in 2022.

Download Pinnacle's 2022 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

2022 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Pinnacle associates lived our values and carried out our commitments to corporate responsibility in 2022. Our policies, practices and actions for all stakeholders, from associates and clients to shareholders and community members, reflect that commitment.

Read below for highlights and download our full 2022 CSR Report.

Improving quality of life for our associates.

  • We build a culture of caring so every individual is seen and feels a sense of belonging in our Pinnacle family. Diversity, equity and inclusion remain a top priority, and in 2022 we expanded the infrastructure to support that work by moving two full-time associates into regional DEI leadership roles. When we asked for volunteers to lead our approach to employee resource groups to support their work, 178 associates answered the call and formed 13 locally based DEI Councils to serve as thought leaders for our firm.

Improving quality of life in our communities.

  • In addition to growing our support for affordable housing, we restructured our internal teams focused on community efforts for a greater local focus. Relationships are best built and decisions best made closest to the need, and increased geographic focus should help grow and improve the outcomes we work toward.
  • We also made a significant effort to reshape and refocus our work in supporting minority-owned small businesses and financial needs in underserved areas. Intentional efforts like the launch of our first Pinnacle Economic Empowerment Resource (PEER) Center are designed to lift up businesses, improve the financial wellbeing of individuals and families and help build wealth where it’s needed most.

Improving quality of life for everyone.

  • Smart decisions made for our planet can also be smart for business, and Pinnacle is working to find that balance in the face of climate change, the transition to a zero-carbon economy and expected regulatory requirements. Our credit policies already recognize the risk in certain industries and the environmental due diligence required to do business. In 2022, we formally assembled a Climate and Sustainability Committee to guide practices and policies for the good of the environment. The team is already engaged with a consultant on climate impact and has led implementation of the Energy Star program to monitor and reduce our overall environmental footprint. Pinnacle has also financed $117 million in funding for solar farms and $265 million in construction loan syndications for solar projects in development.