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As an artist, you are often misunderstood. Finding a partner who gets you is rare. Banks usually want to play it safe. But that's not your style. You've taken the hard road. You need a bank that's driven by dreams of what could be and not just what is. Is it easy? No. But that's the road we've both taken.

Pinnacle's music business team is in the music industry. We're aren't on the outside looking in. We "get it." Here's what our clients experience:

  • Relationship-focused service. You’ll enjoy knowing your banker, not just your bank. We take a team-based partnership approach to work cooperatively with an artist’s management company, attorney, accountant, and other advisors.
  • Local decision making. We understand that the needs of the music/entertainment industry are unique. We make decisions locally by a knowledgeable team of experts. We collaborate with clients to help them reach their goals, manage risks and make smart investments in the creative community.
  • Not just another bank. Pinnacle set out to do something different for clients. We strive to create an excellent client experience with real people answering the phones, 24/7 support, associates who know their clients’ names and a culture where people are excited to show up for work every day.
  • Not just another department. The music industry team has a presence on Pinnacle’s leadership team and is a key part of strategic planning for the company. We also have a key music industry executive on our board of directors. 
  • Authenticity. We try to keep things simple with a common sense approach. 

Whether we’re working with a major national business entity, a small business entrepreneur, or an individual artist or songwriter, we offer a comprehensive range of financial services to meet all of your personal and business banking needs.

To learn more about how we collaborate with our clients in the creative community, reach out to our music, entertainment and sports team by email or call 615-744-2881.