Mobile Deposit FAQ

How do mobile deposits differ from office deposits?

If you make a deposit in an office, you may have immediate availability of funds. With mobile deposit, we process your deposit with other mobile deposits at the end of the day. Deposits submitted prior to 6 p.m. CT will be available the morning of the following business day. Deposits received after 6 p.m., or those made on weekends or federal holidays, will be available on the morning of the second business day.

How do I verify that deposits are successfully received and processed?

First, you will receive a note within the application that confirms that your deposit was successfully submitted to the bank. You can also check "deposit history" within the app to see transaction status. When the deposit is posted to your account and funds are made available, you will see the transaction in your account detail viewable within online banking or mobile banking.

Do any limits or boundaries exist with mobile deposits?

Access to the mobile deposit service requires you to be active in a mobile deposit eligible account – check with your financial advisor to ensure you are eligible to participate.

Mobile deposit includes transaction and monthly limits. Initially, you will have a transaction limit of $2,500 and monthly limit of $5,000. This is a rolling 30-day limit. Higher limits may be available as warranted based on account history and special needs. Check with your financial advisor.

Is there a fee for using mobile deposit?

There is no fee associated with this service. Mobile deposit further supports our goal of offering clients extraordinary convenience.