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Pinnacle 5 Podcast Series

The Pinnacle 5 Podcast Series is a collection of information and advice on financial topics. In each podcast host Summer Yeiser, Pinnacle’s learning and development manager, talks with other associates about the latest trends in their areas of expertise. You’ll find five key takeaways in every podcast.

5 Pieces of Advice for Starting a Wellness Program

Stacy Gammons, human resources specialist, Pinnacle Financial Partners

As health care costs rise and the nation lives and works longer than ever before, wellness has become a major focus for a lot of companies. Here are five lessons I’ve learned while helping develop Pinnacle’s wellness program.

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5 Questions Investors Should Ask about Bonds

Miriam Baird, portfolio manager, Pinnacle Trust and Investment Advisory, and registered associate, Raymond James Financial Services*

Bonds may not be the first thing that comes to mind when investors think about their portfolio, but they are an important part of the allocation mix. Here are five common questions I get about bonds, with answers for each.

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5 Ways to Minimize College Costs

Lisa Usé, office leader, Pinnacle Financial Partners

The average college student graduates with about $25,000 in debt. Listen to this podcast for information on how to reduce borrowing costs so your student can leave college without a terrible debt burden.

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5 Types of Business Structures

Kirsten Schriner, financial advisor, Pinnacle Financial Partners

Making a decision on the best structure for a business is a very important one, but no single approach works for everybody. Listen to this podcast for details about each type of structure.

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5 Key Elements of Strong Cash Flow

Chip Higgins, business banking team leader, Pinnacle Financial Partners

No business owner wants to wake up on a Friday morning with no idea how they're going to make payroll. Review these five key elements of strong cash flow to ensure this never happens to you.

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5 Precautions to Prevent External Fraud

Cindy Oliva, financial advisor, Pinnacle Financial Partners

Check scams are on the rise. Financial advisor Cindy Oliva discusses five best business practices to safeguard your company against external fraud.

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5 Actions to Take Before You Buy a House

Nancy Zoretic, financial advisor, Pinnacle Financial Partners

One of the biggest mistakes homebuyers make is not talking to a mortgage advisor earlier in the process. Financial advisor Nancy Zoretic shares five things you should do before you buy a house in this podcast.

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Switching Bank Accounts in 5 Easy Steps

Brian Manning, financial advisor, Pinnacle Financial Partners

Many consumers are frustrated with large banks, especially after they proposed debit card fees that were dropped only after public outcry. However, many are still hesitant to switch banks because they think the process is too complicated. It doesn’t have to be. In this podcast, financial advisor Brian Manning shares the five easy steps that make moving your accounts to a new bank hassle-free.

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5 Ways to Lower Energy Use and Costs

Nancy Boring, financial advisor, Pinnacle Financial Partners

Energy costs should be one of the first places you look to save money. Fortunately, the TVA makes it easy for Tennesseans to reduce their utility bills. Financial advisor Nancy Boring shares the five-step process her family went through to lower their energy use.

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5 Ways to Protect Your Phone or Tablet from Cyber Threats

Mark Brown, information security officer, Pinnacle Financial Partners

Most people are careful about security on their computers but don’t realize that security on mobile phones and tablets is just as important. Listen to this podcast to learn five things you can do to secure your mobile device.

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5 Key Banking Needs for Nonprofits

Gina Scott, financial advisor, Pinnacle Financial Partners

The nonprofit industry has unique banking needs, whether you work for a charitable organization, church, school or assocation. This podcast goes into detail about the five important dimensions of a successful relationship with your banker.

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5 Drivers of Associate Engagement

Terry Turner, president and CEO, Pinnacle Financial Partners

Every organization strives to make their clients and shareholders happy. What many businesses don't realize is that engaged associates are the key to making that happen. This podcast covers the five key drivers of associate engagement and ways to implement them in your company. Learn how Pinnacle put these drivers into practice, resulting in consistently being named a "best place to work."

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5 C’s of Credit Analysis

Kim Ciukowski, financial advisor, Pinnacle Financial Partners

Whether you need new equipment or would like to make other improvements to your business, it’s helpful to know what financial advisors are looking for when evaluating credit. This podcast gives an overview of the 5 C’s of credit analysis, a general guideline that financial advisors use when assessing loan requests.

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5 Important Aspects of Mortgages

Mike Stapp, mortgage advisor, Pinnacle Financial Partners

The constantly changing mortgage landscape requires solid understanding of what’s involved in today’s mortgage decisions. In this podcast learn what’s required in qualifying for a mortgage, how the appraisal process has changed and the new federal regulations governing mortgages. The podcast also gives advice on credit scores and how to shop for a mortgage.

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5 Frequently Asked Questions about Tennessee's Inheritance Tax

Chris Kelly, trust advisor, Pinnacle Financial Partners

The national debate about charging federal estate taxes has revealed some misconceptions about Tennessee's laws. Many Tennesseans are surprised to hear that the state does have an inheritance tax. This podcast explores the frequently asked questions about Tennessee's inheritance tax.

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5 Lessons for Successful Investing

Scott McPherson, financial advisor for Pinnacle Asset Management and Raymond James Financial Services*

Learn about the importance of managing your risks rather than returns and letting your time frame for returns match the type of investments. Scott also emphasizes the importance of looking for value and not making emotional decisions or being overly influenced by what’s in the news.

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5 Facts about Estate Planning

Keith Davis, trust advisor, Pinnacle Financial Partners

Takeaways from this podcast include why everyone needs an estate plan, regardless of net worth or assets, and what needs to be in that plan. You’ll get information about how to title property, protecting yourself with Durable Powers of Attorney for Healthcare and Finance and whether to leave assets in trust.

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5 Tips to Prevent Fraud

Kim Jenny, risk and performance management officer, Pinnacle Financial Partners

Do you throw personal financial information in the trash? Can cyber criminals access your PC at home or work? Do you give out confidential information by e-mail or over the phone? Learn more about your potential risks and how you can make yourself a “hard” target rather that an easy one.

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* The information contained in this report does not purport to be a complete description of the securities, markets, or developments referred to in this material. Any information is not a complete summary or statement of all available data necessary for making an investment decision and does not constitute a recommendation. Any opinions are those of Scott McPherson and not necessarily those of Raymond James Financial Services or Raymond James. Expressions of opinion are as of this date and are subject to change without notice. Every investor’s situation is unique and you should consider your investment goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon before making any investment. Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or loss regardless of strategy selected. Diversification does not assure a profit or protect against a loss. The S&P 500 is an unmanaged index of 500 widely held stocks that is generally considered representative of the U.S. stock market. Inclusion of this index is for illustrative purposes only. Keep in mind that individuals cannot invest directly in any index, and index performance does not include transaction costs or other fees, which will affect actual investment performance. Individual investor’s results will vary. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

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