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Pinnacle provides clients with effective advice. Whatever the challenge - from buying a first home to complicated payment processing - we have worked with clients to find the ideal solution. Below are just a few examples of how we have helped real clients solve real problems.

Persistence Pays off during Refinance Process

Pinnacle helped a Wilson County couple refinance their dream home from an in-house jumbo loan to a 417 loan, saving them thousands in interest.

Switching Banks a Breeze for Titans Fan

Switching banks doesn't have to be a hassle. Pinnacle helped set up online banking, automatic bill-pay and direct deposit without missing a beat.

Clients Flee from Other Banks because of Debit Card Fees

David Teague was a lifelong customer of a regional bank until they started charging him $4 a month in debit card fees.

Refinancing Lets Couple Pay off Mortgage in 8 Years

Pinnacle helps a couple refinance their mortgage and set up a bi-weekly payment plan that will help them pay off their mortgage in about eight years.

Replacing Debit Card Takes Minutes Instead of Days

It’s one of the worst feelings in the world: the sensation you get when you look for your wallet and realize it’s missing. See how Pinnacle responds.

Insurance Advisor Becomes Advocate after Tornado

Read about how Miller Loughry Beach insurance helps this local engineering firm get running after a tornado.

Busy Entrepreneur Manages Personal, Business Accounts Online

Online banking helps a local entrepreneur juggle his business and personal accounts.

Automatic Collections Help Property Management Firm Grow

See how Pinnacle helped a property management company keep up with growth.

Remote Deposit Saves Time, Money

Jared Stancil, of Nashville-based Anchor Tours, knew there had to be a more efficient way of processing his company’s deposits. And there was.

Utility Saves Time with Automated Remittance Processing

Hallsdale-Powell Utility needed a better way to process payments so they could focus on the customer. That's why they came to Pinnacle.

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Case Studies

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