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Wes Yoder was helping his son through the process of buying his first home. They had found a great remodeled house at a good price and had been working with the builder for several weeks on the punch list to get everything just right. They had changed out colors, added new tiles and incorporated other elements that suited his son’s tastes. At last, the closing was set.

Then the call came. Wes and his son learned six hours before the scheduled closing that the mortgage lender they’d selected would have to delay the closing because they needed additional documentation.

“We were devastated when we found we’d have to delay the closing,” Yoder said. “By that time we were emotionally invested in the house and were ready to move my son in. It had been almost a decade since we’d needed a mortgage lender, and since none of the companies we worked with previously existed in their original state, we had just picked the lender with the lowest rate. I had violated the cardinal rule of working with people you know, especially on things that matter.”


Yoder immediately sent a note to the lender requesting that they stop all processing on the mortgage. Then he called Pinnacle and explained the situation.

“Most banks would not want to be inconvenienced with trying to make it happen in such a short time frame, but Pinnacle was willing to try,” Yoder said. “They assured me they would have everything ready in time for our closing. We had been banking with Pinnacle since its beginning. They knew us and our situation so qualifying for the mortgage was not an issue.”


Pinnacle’s mortgage team delivered on its promise, securing temporary financing for the house with 24 hours.

“We were all smiles at closing,” Yoder said. “The brokers and closing attorneys were astounded because they had never seen a mortgage lender turn anything around in 24 hours. Occasionally, one could make it happen in 48 hours, but even that’s rare.”

Within 60 days, Pinnacle had secured permanent financing for the house at a very competitive rate.

“Pinnacle’s service level was unprecedented,” Yoder said. “The staff was very impressive, professional and attuned to our needs. We are so thankful it worked out.”

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