Business Finance

Business Finance

Experienced professionals. Local decision making. Sophisticated products. Award-winning service.

When it comes to your business, you need a trusted financial partner. Partners meet you where you are and seek to understand you completely. They make decisions based on who you are and how you operate, not just financial statements.

There’s a reason why Pinnacle has earned a near-record number of awards for service to our business clients. Simply put, we believe you cannot get the experience that our financial advisors provide at any other bank. Here’s why.

Experienced Professionals
Pinnacle financial advisors are the best of the best. That’s not just talk. We search our markets for the top bankers and recruit them to our ranks. And they aren’t rookies – they have an average of more than 20 years of experience. In fact, we don’t hire them until they have at least 10 years under their belts at another bank. We do that because we never want to hand you over to a trainee. We want you to work with a happy, successful professional who can get the job done.

That means you can expect distinctive service and thorough, effective advice every time you work with Pinnacle.

Local Decision Making
Pinnacle’s work with small and middle-market companies is unique among financial institutions because we aren’t built like other banks. While the big regional and national banks work through lines of business that send decisions up to headquarters, Pinnacle is built geographically. That means we make decisions for almost every product and service at the local level, with people you know and have met face to face.

If that sounds like a local community bank, it’s because that’s who we are. Pinnacle started as a hometown bank, and our attitude hasn’t changed.

Sophisticated Products
Despite our small-bank roots, we can give clients the products and services of a much larger firm. We serve every need for small and middle-market companies, from deposits to lending to treasury to capital and everything in between. Our firm is designed to serve companies from beginning to end – and meet the personal and wealth needs of their owners while we’re at it.

Award-winning Service
We’re not just bragging on our people and the service they give to clients – we actually have the awards and data to back it up.

Pinnacle has consistently won dozens of local, regional and national awards for service to small and middle-market companies. Greenwich Associates, one of the world’s leading researchers for the financial services industry, consistently honors Pinnacle with Greenwich Excellence and Best Brand Awards, and in many markets measured, Pinnacle ranked No. 1 in overall satisfaction, likelihood to recommend and other key areas of client service.

Our own research tells the same story. On client surveys, nearly 95 percent of clients call us “recognizably better than the competition,” while nearly 99 percent say they “look forward to coming back” to our offices. When was the last time you said that about a bank?

See for yourself what a difference Pinnacle can make for your company. Take a look at what we have to offer and let us know how we can help.