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People Magazine and Great Place to Work Name Pinnacle One of 2017's "50 Companies That Care"

Mar. 29, 2017

The 2017 “50 Companies That Care” were selected based on the generosity of their benefits and charitable work, as well as personal accounts of the impact these organizations have made on the lives of their employees.


Distinctive ServiceDistinctive Service

“I use Pinnacle for all my banking needs, both personally and for our family of companies. It's relationship banking, like it was 40 years ago. I'm a person, not just an account, and they've made the effort to get to know all of us.”

Price Carney,
Charter Management Group

Effective AdviceEffective Advice

A first-time home buyer finds out why it pays to work with people you know. Pinnacle saved the day after another institution dropped the ball.