Replacing Debit Card Takes Minutes Instead of Days


It’s one of the most relatable, uncomfortable feelings in the world: the sinking sensation you get when you look for your wallet and realize it’s missing.

The thought of the lost cash is enough to make you cringe. But then you remember that you’ll also have to take the time to make multiple phone calls to replace the lost pieces of identification and all the credit cards.

That’s what happened to Murfreesboro attorney Mark Polk when he misplaced his wallet on a Wednesday night. He wasted no time in canceling his debit and credit cards after he figured his wallet was long gone.

“I frequently use my debit card, so I was concerned about having to wait for a new card,” Polk said. “Because it usually takes two to three weeks to get a new card, I went into the bank the next morning to get the process started.”


When Polk walked into the College Street Pinnacle office Thursday morning, he expected to get his replacement card in 10 to 14 business days. He was shocked when the client service specialist printed and activated his new card in only two minutes.

Every Pinnacle office has a special printer that produces new and replacement debit cards on the spot. CardWizard® software transfers all personalization data fully encrypted to an unembossed card printer, which quickly and securely prints high-definition color onto both sides of white blank card stock.

Instead of being embossed with raised letters and numbers, the plastic cards are created using a flat card issuance technology that makes the card information easier to read. The process also helps reduce card fraud. Merchants are required to process the transaction electronically using the magnetic stripe because the numbers aren’t embossed.


Polk couldn’t believe that he could use the permanent card the moment he left the office instead of waiting for a replacement card in the mail.

“I was very surprised and happy that it wouldn’t be two weeks,” he said. “It certainly helps those who need the service without being completely inconvenienced.”

Polk’s missing wallet was returned later Thursday morning, after he already had canceled most of the cards. While he waited two weeks for his other replacement cards to arrive in the mail, Polk made purchases with his instantly issued debit card.

Whether you're replacing an old card or getting a new one, receiving your new Pinnacle debit card takes minutes, not days. Visit any office, contact your Financial Advisor or call our Client Service Center at 800.264.3613 for more information.

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