Personal and Vehicle Loans

Personal and Vehicle Loans

Prepare for your next major purchase with confidence from a Pinnacle personal loan.

Have your eye on a new car? Want to hit the water in your own boat? Planning a major renovation? Whatever you need (or want) to buy, we can help.

Personal loans are an age-old way to get the money you need for a specific purchase or project. Pinnacle’s financial advisors can help you find the right loan by listening to what you need and offering you the means to get there. And because the solutions we provide are customized just for you, we can offer flexibility that other banks just can’t.

A personal loan is right for you if you need to finance a specific project at a specific time and don’t plan to need additional money.

If you would rather extend the loan so you have access to more money at any time without having to reapply, consider a line of credit instead.

We offer two kinds of personal loans:

  • Secured Personal Loan
    This requires an object or asset to serve as your collateral. So whether you need to pay down some debts, make home improvements or finance a car, boat or motorcycle, this loan is secured by the value of your asset. Here are some examples of what can be used for collateral:
    • Deposits (like a CD, checking, savings or money market account)
    • Marketable securities (bonds, brokerage account, mutual funds, stock)
    • A vehicle like a car, RV, motorcycle, boat or airplane




  • Unsecured Personal Loan
    This loan requires no collateral but typically has a higher interest rate as a result. You can use the money to consolidate debt, pay for school or fulfill a short-term need for cash.




If one of these sounds like right fit for you, apply using the links above. We accept online applications from residents of Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

You can also stop by one of our offices and talk to one of our financial advisors. They can walk you through it and help you with the application.