The Pinnacle Story

The Pinnacle Story


The story of Pinnacle should always start with “Why?” Why did a group of Nashville business leaders decide to start a new bank at a time when the city already had dozens of them?

Our three founders, Terry Turner, Rob McCabe and Hugh Queener, sat down with a blank sheet of paper to design the exact bank they would want as employees and clients. It focused on people. It relied on local decision-making and a geographic focus instead of lines of business. It was full service to meet every client need. It treated everyone with respect and had a culture that attracted the best of the best. It was a place where people looked forward to coming into work every day and that bred loyalty in its clients.

“What we ended up with was a deliberate effort to be a challenger brand,” Terry said. “If the big national and regional banks were turning into faceless bureaucracies far removed from the people they served, we would get up under them and compete by doing the exact opposite.”

The vision they came up with was simple, but bold: To be the best financial services firm and the best place to work.

With this as a guide, we have successfully shown that size does not matter. Attitude and intention are everything.

Pinnacle strives to be the best, and in metric after metric, our clients tell us we are. And we get there by staying true to our origins as a David up against the Goliaths of big banking.

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