Company Commentary

Company Commentary

Affordable Housing Takes Partnership and Smart Financial Tactics


The affordable housing gap is built from complex historical and systemic factors, including problems rooted in decades old social and economic issues. The issue isn’t simple, and neither is its solution. Advocating for more housing is the right thing to do. Understanding and supporting the mechanisms required to build it are just as important.

Seizing Opportunity with Strength in Recruiting


As optimism rises and business owners switch from survival mode to a growth mindset, we’re starting to get a glimpse of what America’s post-pandemic economy will look like. While some questions remain, particularly around the American workforce, I continue to see an awful lot of opportunity. And we’ve been preparing for the last 21 years to seize it.

Culture, Service and the Bottom Line: How 2020 Proved the Pinnacle Model


How do you quantify the impact made by culture? That’s been a challenge for our firm since Day One in 2000. It’s easy to show the cost-benefit analysis of a new branch office, a piece of technology or a new team of bankers. It’s tougher to justify spending so much time and resources on building and sustaining a great internal culture. 2020 gave us an opportunity to make that case, and recent research helps prove how right we were.

Happy Anniversary: Pinnacle’s 20 Years of Vision, Endurance and Joy


As Pinnacle celebrates its 20th anniversary, president, CEO and co-founder Terry Turner takes a look back at 20 years of vision, passion and hard work.

The Paycheck Protection Program was miraculous. Let’s not stop now.


Regardless of what lawmakers decide, we will do everything we can to help our clients get through this and be set up to thrive on the other side of it. Even for those whose loans were funded, their recovery is just beginning.

Pinnacle in Atlanta: Our Bank was Built to Serve Cities Like Ours in Times Like These


I joined Pinnacle at the tail end of 2019 because I saw the incredible opportunity to build a new bank in Atlanta that offers something we’re missing right now. If Pinnacle brought nothing new to the market, I never would have considered it. I made the choice because this is a different kind of bank that offers exactly what our city needs at this moment. This is the pitch they gave me: “Distinctive service and effective advice.”

Pinnacle’s culture is the differentiator. It drives firm-wide wins and builds earnings capacity.


Pinnacle’s signature culture, the driving force of its success since 2000, has taken root in the Carolinas and Virginia. It is the reason why our firm has successfully added the hottest markets in the Southeast to its footprint and grown the earnings capacity of the firm in enormous ways.

Research Shows Our Service is Distinctive, Leads to Client Loyalty and Long-term Shareholder Returns


What makes a bank distinctive? Better yet, what makes a bank distinctive in the eyes of clients? The question sounds subjective and like a great platform for self-promotion. So let’s take an objective view of it by looking at research.

Historic Economic Opportunity in Middle Tennessee


As Middle Tennessee enters into a historic period of economic development, Pinnacle Financial Partners stands at the front lines of the region’s success.