Client Stories

Client Stories

“Glynn is an absolute pleasure to work with and his understanding of my various business endeavors and financial needs has been a vital element of our success. I count myself very fortunate to have had such a long term relationship with someone such as Glynn and look forward to many years to come.”

James D. Lackie

Memphis, TN

Help in a Pandemic: Supporting Healthcare & Wellness Providers

Help in a Pandemic: Supporting Healthcare & Wellness Providers

Frontline medical workers are heroes performing miracles everyday, especially during the pandemic. For other health and wellness providers, some deemed "nonessential" and others with empty appointment books, it's a scary time for totally different reasons. When they needed financial help to make it through, they knew who would be there.

“The knowledge and experience Stacey possesses, as well as her willingness to share, has been invaluable to our company. This is our first time working directly with Stacey and Pinnacle, and I would have to say that this is by far the most enjoyable business relationship that our organization has experienced to date.”

Owen Reid

Memphis Land Bank

Help in a Pandemic: Nonprofits Need Partners

Help in a Pandemic: Nonprofits Need Partners

Four organizations with four distinct missions, but all vital to the communities they serve. When faced with financial uncertainty beyond their control, they needed a partner to help them navigate a new and developing relief program.

“Rick is invaluable to me in my business. I trust his instinct, he is always responsive and he cares about the outcome.”

Misty L. Harris

Harris Law Firm in Chattanooga, TN

Kristin Cavallari on Why Pinnacle Feels Like Family

Kristin Cavallari spent much of her life as a television star. Now she's an entrepreneur with thriving retail, fashion and lifestyle businesses. To help manage their growth, Kristin needed a trusted financial partner.

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