Client Stories

Client Stories

Kristin Cavallari on Why Pinnacle Feels Like Family

Kristin Cavallari spent much of her life as a television star. Now she's an entrepreneur with thriving retail, fashion and lifestyle businesses. To help manage their growth, Kristin needed a trusted financial partner.

“What I love so much about Pinnacle, and Amy in particular, is that there’s this sense of personalization. I’ve always felt this-- it’s almost like a family with Pinnacle and with Amy. She really just connects with me on a deeper level. It’s about building that connection and forming a bond with someone so that there is that trust.”

Kristin Cavallari

Uncommon James in Nashville, TN

Partnership Builds Success in the Construction Industry

When other banks showed no interest in helping, Rachelle Reigard's partner at Pinnacle went the extra mile to learn what she needed and earn her trust.

“I LOVE working with Pinnacle. You have some cultural magic going on there that is simply not found in most financial institutions.”

Gregory Terrill

Roanoke, VA

Knowing Our Clients Means Knowing When to Help

After an injury, a Pinnacle client needed a helping hand to keep her business running. Clarissa Pryor went the extra mile to do the right thing.

“Personalized attention to detail in all facets of banking matters. Human touch is priceless.”

Ed Flemmons

Pool Contractors Supply, Inc. in Memphis, TN