Client Stories

Client Stories

Earning Trust with a New Partner

Trust isn't built on transactions; it’s earned through consistently delivering distinctive service and effective advice. That’s just what happened with John and Gail Mapp, owners of Level Construction Services in Atlanta, GA.

“I LOVE working with Pinnacle. You have some cultural magic going on there that is simply not found in most financial institutions.”

Gregory Terrill

Roanoke, VA

Help in a Pandemic: Upstate South Carolina

Help in a Pandemic: Upstate South Carolina

Two nonprofits serving very different missions in the same community now faced the same dilemma. Support from their trusted financial advisors not only carried them through but helped further their missions in more ways than one.

“Personalized attention to detail in all facets of banking matters. Human touch is priceless.”

Ed Flemmons

Pool Contractors Supply, Inc. in Memphis, TN

Help in a Pandemic: Community Small Business

Help in a Pandemic: Community Small Business

Small businesses are the backbone of any local economy. They not only employ millions of people nationwide; they can also support the operations of many larger companies and contribute to a community's quality of life. When the pandemic suddenly cut off revenue for these vital institutions, they needed a lifeline to keep the doors open.

“Before I was ever anything, I didn’t know anyone, I didn’t have anything. And [Becky] treated me like a rock star then. I’ve always been very appreciative of that ... It’s about people taking care of people, and that’s what they do there very well.”

Jake Owen

Nashville, TN

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