A New Bank Brings a New Approach

A New Bank Brings a New Approach

A growing company needed a stronger bond with a partner who would advise and support them.

“The difference maker for us in working with Pinnacle is responsiveness. The other is accountability. When any issue comes up, it’s always a dialogue, and it’s always ‘How can we make this happen in a way that makes sense?’”

John Mutarelli was chief financial officer of a company at a crossroads. Dev Technology Group, Inc. had a long relationship with its banking partner, but it had become more transactional as time went on. They needed more “interactions,” as John put it, to get to what the company needed for its next stage. They needed a stronger bond with a partner who would advise and support them on their path to growth.

He knew Jessica Green from past work together, and she knew her stuff. She was experienced in working with government contractors like Dev, and he had always been impressed by her. But she’d just left his longtime bank to join Pinnacle Financial Partners, a brand new and unknown firm in the Washington area.

“When I worked with her, I had some of the best service that I had ever had,” he said. “And what I then learned is that the people around her and the team that she was a part of operated in the same way.”

Jessica’s team was led by Carolyne Pelton, who was building the first outpost for Pinnacle in the National Capital Region. Many on the team had worked together in the past, but they now found themselves with a new set of tools to work with.

“Being able to bring the Pinnacle approach of distinctive service and effective advice and that true partnership is really what allowed us to develop the relationship over time and be able to support Dev through what we see as a transformational event in their business,” Jessica said.

They spoke the language, had a history of success and started from a place of partnership and service. That was enough for John, who worked closely with Jessica and her team to get what he needed and push Dev Technology further on its trajectory to being a major player in the GovCon space.