Cash Flow Management

With money moving in and out every day, be sure you’re getting the most out of it.

Pinnacle offers sophisticated tools to manage your cash flow in ways that maximize your returns and integrate with your loans and credit. Best of all, they’re automated, so you never have to think twice about where your money is going and how it can best be used. Take advantage of investment opportunities, increase efficiency for both your time and your money, and get the most out of your account balances. Here’s how.

  • Zero Balance Accounts
    Eliminate idle cash in separate accounts and get more control over disbursements. All of your money goes into a central operating account, with sub accounts set up to handle payroll, accounts payable and more. When checks are presented against these sub accounts, the exact amount needed is automatically transferred, keeping the rest in the central account. This consolidates your leftover cash into one account and prevents you from having to keep track of multiple balances across multiple accounts.

  • Sweep Accounts
    This is the ultimate cash management tool that lets your money work for you instead of sitting idle. At the end of each day, any extra money in your checking account is automatically swept into an investment account, line of credit or a combination of the two. Sweep accounts minimize interest paid and maximize interest earned.