Health & Benefits for Employers


Make your healthcare-related benefits easy to administer and monitor.

As a financial services firm, Pinnacle has advised clients on individual HSAs for years. We’ve built on that expertise and enhanced our technology platform to offer multiple tax-advantaged health and benefits accounts to employees. The following are available on a single platform, debit card and mobile app:



Our platform provides comprehensive, one-stop, HIPAA-compliant administration.

Employers use a secure portal to view consumer-directed healthcare (CDH) data, enroll new employees, set up recurring contributions, access reports and more.

What’s included with the Pinnacle | Health & Benefits employer portal?

  • Robust reporting – Get an overview of employee data. Filter, run and schedule reports.
  • Employer efficiency – Set up employee accounts and make enrollment elections and changes. Multiple options for contributions and enrollment include full integration with HRIS or payroll system.
  • Security and compliance – Set access based on user roles and comply with HIPAA and other regulations.

Account holders access their accounts via their own secure portal, mobile app and Mastercard® debit card. The Pinnacle | Health & Benefits debit card is “stacked,” meaning it is a one-card solution that provides access to multiple account types. The card “knows” which account to draw from based on the transaction.

Our dedicated team of Health & Benefits experts will work with you to create your program or ensure a smooth transition from your existing provider. Reach out to your financial advisor or contact our Health & Benefits team at to learn more.

Watch this webinar replay to understand the differences between FSAs, HSAs and HRAs.


We can help your clients navigate their tax-advantaged benefit accounts.

We provide a comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant platform where employers can view consumer-directed healthcare data, set up new employees, establish recurring contributions, run reports and more.

Pinnacle’s suite of health and benefits offerings are fully integrated in Employee Navigator, making it easy to enroll.

Our dedicated team of Health & Benefits experts will work with you to create your program or ensure a smooth transition from an existing provider. Contact our Health & Benefits team at to learn more.

Why do employers love the Pinnacle | Health & Benefits team?

  • One Point of Contact – We assign each employer one point of contact who is supported by a team of people.
  • Three-Ring Rule – Pinnacle's "three-ring rule" means we answer the phone when you call. It seems simple, but with a world full of automation, our clients appreciate that they can get in touch with someone immediately.
  • True Partnership – We're a partner, not just a provider. We work with our groups for their specific needs. Whether your goal is education or communication, we craft a solution that's right for you and your clients.
  • Transparent Pricing – Our pricing is simple. We have eliminated nuisance fees you might have seen in the past from other providers.
  • Compliance Support – We help keep you informed and aware of regulatory changes that affect you. We're also are here to answer the difficult questions.

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