Making Payments (Disbursements)

Making Payments (Disbursements)

The methods by which you manage payables (expenditures such as operating expenses, payments to suppliers, employee expenses, taxes and other operating costs) impacts the financial condition of your company.

Pinnacle offers services and support designed to optimize the use of funds and monitor cash flows. Control disbursements, reconcile accounts cost-effectively, and protect against fraud using our comprehensive disbursements services. We do all this with the best in technology and local support.

Electronic Payments (ACH) – Decrease your check processing expenses and simplify your account reconciliation by paying your employees, vendors or taxes electronically. Read more about ACH.

Wire Transfers – We provide domestic and international incoming and outgoing wire transfer services. Wire transfers are typically used for transferring large dollar amounts of funds between banks very quickly. Read more about wire services.

Online Banking with BillPay – Pay anyone you would pay with a check while maintaining internal control over creation, approval, and viewing of payments. Read more about Online Banking.

Positive Pay – This service offers an automated check reconciliation process with protection against fraudulent check writing. Read more about positive pay.

Payroll – Focus on growing your business and not on administering payroll and complying with tax law. Read more about payroll.

For more information about our services, call your Pinnacle financial advisor or contact one of our treasury management advisors.

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