Making Payments (Disbursements)

Making Payments (Disbursements)

Managing expenses is about more than cutting costs. Just changing the way you pay can make a major impact.

Pinnacle offers services and support designed to optimize how you use your money and watch your cash flow. Whether operating costs, payroll, vendor payments, taxes or other major expenses, you can control your cash and protect against fraud by taking advantage of Pinnacle’s treasury management services. And we do it all with the best in technology and local support. Here’s how.

  • Electronic Payments (ACH)
    Cut expenses related to check processing and simplify reconciliation by paying your employees, vendors and taxes electronically. ACH can be used for direct deposit, bill payment and more.

  • Wire Transfers
    Pinnacle can help with domestic and international wire transfers into and out of your business. These are typically used when you need to transfer a large dollar amount between banks very quickly and can be done one time or on a recurring basis.

  • Accounts Payable Automation
    AP teams often rely on manual processes that create inefficiency and increase expenses. AP automation with Pinnacle’s payables solution simplifies these processes and transforms workflows into an organized, digital program for end-to-end payment execution.  

  • Fraud Prevention Services
    With Positive Pay and ACH Block and Filter, Pinnacle can watch for criminals looking to take advantage of your business while you enjoy the convenience of using your favorite payment method. 

  • Payroll
    Make payday easier by managing it with direct deposit or outsourcing it entirely. Direct deposit gives you one ledger entry for the entire payroll instead of a list of individual checks. Outsourcing lets someone else handle the entire process so you can focus on growing your business.
  • Online Banking with BillPay
    Almost anyone you would normally pay with a check can be paid through Online Banking instead. It’s often faster and gives you more control over payment creation, approval and review.