Captive Insurance

Business leaders should be empowered to make smart decisions about how to manage their assets and risk.

Pinnacle Financial Partners is one of the few banks providing a full scope of services to the captive insurance industry. We offer unparalleled personal advisory services in start-to-finish captive insurance solutions to help businesses grow and meet long-term financial goals.

What is captive Insurance?
A captive insurance company essentially is formalized self-insurance with many benefits unavailable to self-insured programs.  A captive is a licensed insurance company with policies, policyholders and claims. It lets business owners insure against risks that might otherwise be uninsurable or mitigates against high premiums in the commercial market.  In a “hard insurance market,” a captive is a unique and cost saving risk management tool.

What does captive insurance allow me to do?

  • Manage premiums and claims while keeping deposits and investments in your control.
  • Enjoy flexibility, control and cost savings.
  • Insure risks unavailable or too expensive from traditional insurance markets.

How can Pinnacle help?

  • Premium Financing – Pinnacle can finance a portion of the policy premiums for your captive insurance company with competitive rates and local decision-making. This allows you to spread out payments over the course of your policy term while also taking the full premium tax deduction at inception.
  • Banking and Depository Services – Each captive insurance company requires a minimum amount of capital in order to be in regulatory compliance for risk-related premiums. Pinnacle can safeguard that capital while letting it earn interest in a Pinnacle checking account. We can provide:
    • Initial Capital Deposits
    • Depository Agreements
    • Brokerage Agreements
    • Premium Depository Accounts
    • Claims Payment Accounts
    • Premium Financing Solutions
    • Managing Cash Flow
  • Trust and Investment Services – Pinnacle’s trust team can serve as trustee and investment manager, delivering nonproprietary and fiduciary investment management through local portfolio managers. This represents the highest standard of care within the financial industry. We can provide:
    • Regulation 114 Trust arrangements between:
      • Captives
      • Fronting insurance carriers
      • Pinnacle Financial Partners
    • Collateral/Depository Reinsurance Trust Accounts
    • Deductible Trusts
    • Custody Services – To hold captive assets on and offshore
    • Surety Bonds
    • Statements of Investment Policy
    • Surplus Investment Management
    • Liability Asset Management
  • Letters of Credit – Instead of meeting the minimum capital requirement with cash, you can choose to present a letter of credit from your trusted Pinnacle advisor. We can provide simple, aggregating or cascading. 

What sets Pinnacle apart?

  • Faster Service – Pinnacle can guide you through the regulatory process more quickly than other firms in the state. Our associates can deliver your paperwork in a matter of hours – not days or weeks – to the Tennessee Commissioner of Insurance for approval. Pinnacle also has personnel in North Carolina and South Carolina domiciles with access to regulatory departments. 
  • Effective Advice – Expect the same level of distinctive service and effective investment advice you have come to expect from the team at Pinnacle.


Investment and Insurance Products:

Not FDIC insured Not bank guaranteed May lose value
Not guaranteed by any government agency Not a bank deposit

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