SBA Lending

For business owners who need a solution outside of traditional lending, Small Business Administration loans can help.


Meet the SBA Team

SBA loans can meet the needs of almost any business from early stage to legacy companies, service providers to factories. They can be made in amounts up to $5 million—sometimes more—and differ from traditional loans in ways that can be vital for many business owners, including:

  • Lower Down Payments
  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • More Flexible Loan Structures

Pinnacle has SBA experience and expertise where it really matters.
With help from a dedicated SBA team with decades of combined experience, Pinnacle clients get all the advantages of SBA lending with none of the bureaucracy that normally comes with it. Our application and approval processes have been streamlined by experts who know exactly how to navigate the system and get funding to those who need it.

In fact, Pinnacle is an SBA Preferred Lender which means our approval processes are largely independent of the government and significantly faster than the competition.

You get personal attention from a trusted advisor.
Pinnacle became one of the leading business lenders in the Southeast by starting with a focus on people like you: entrepreneurs and business owners who want a comprehensive relationship with their financial institution.

When you borrow from Pinnacle, whether through government-guaranteed lending or traditional, you partner with financial advisors who do more than lend money. They work with you to grow your business and improve your financial standing.

When you thrive, so do we.