How Pinnacle Protects You

Fraud and Security

Team Up with your Bank to Stay Safe from Fraud

While new credit and debit card technology has come with security improvements, the frequency of card transactions and the speed of daily life have contributed to more card fraud. Under federal regulations, your bank or card issuer may be more limited than you think in what they can do to help, especially with debit cards. Read up on the regulations and our tips to thwart fraudulent use of your cards.

Keep Holiday Shopping Safe with Card Controls and Alerts

Holiday shopping isn’t quite ready to go back to normal. While you try to navigate crowded spaces safely, manage delivery delays and prepare for possible toy shortages, you can take one concern off your plate. Debit card controls and alerts can help keep your bank accounts secure by proactively protecting you from unauthorized transactions and disallowing any transactions if your card is stolen or compromised.

What Additional Security Features Does Pinnacle Provide?

Beyond the security of all Pinnacle systems and technologies, there are some very simple ways that Pinnacle clients can monitor their accounts to be sure they are free of fraud.

How Secure are My Accounts?

Pinnacle places the highest importance on protecting our clients’ funds and information. Read this for information on how we accomplish that.

Secure Communications from Pinnacle

Learn about the channels Pinnacle relies on to communicate with our clients.

Does Pinnacle Share My Personal Information?

Financial services firms like Pinnacle choose how to share clients’ personal information, but federal law gives consumers the right to limit some of how your information is shared. Read about your rights here.

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