How Secure are My Accounts?

Pinnacle places the highest importance on protecting our clients’ funds and information.

To do this, we use a combination of cutting-edge technology and specialized associates to monitor and protect your accounts.

Consumer accounts
Here are some of the ways we protect you:

  • Secure websites – All logins to your Pinnacle accounts from are protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology – as indicated by the “s” in “” This technology ensures that all data (including login name, password and account data) is encrypted before being transmitted across the public internet.
  • Additional online banking security – If an unrecognized device attempts to log in to your accounts, Pinnacle’s online banking system will present additional challenge questions chosen at the time you established online banking access.
  • Fraud monitoring – Pinnacle’s ID Theft team proactively monitors client transactions and looks for patterns of behavior that seem out of place with your normal activity. When potential fraud is detected by Pinnacle, someone – often your financial advisor or financial advisor assistant – will contact you to confirm the activity. We will never contact you and ask you to provide sensitive information about yourself or your account.

Business accounts
In addition to the details above, here is another layer of protection for business accounts:

  • Dual authentication – Pinnacle clients who use ACH and wire transfer are required to enter a unique ID number provided by a digital security token when conducting transactions. Combining two forms of authentication adds a significant amount of protection to your accounts.

Technology can be a great tool to preventing fraud, but remember that the best way to stay safe is to be a hard target:

  • Use strong passwords
  • Don’t share your confidential information

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