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How Pinnacle Protects You

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Secure Communications from Pinnacle

Pinnacle relies on the following channels to communicate with our clients:

  • U.S. Mail – Examples: account statements, letters and notifications.
  • Email – Examples: Pinnacle’s monthly eNewsletter, timely notices about office closures or changes to your service. All emails will come from an "" email address.
  • Phone – Examples: confirming recent debit card purchases as part of our fraud monitoring activities.

The above examples are in addition to normal communication with your financial advisor or another Pinnacle associate who helps manage your account(s).

Your personal information (e.g. Social Security number, address, online banking access ID, etc.) is very sensitive, and we take every precaution to ensure it is not shared with anyone. We also want to make sure you know what to expect from Pinnacle so you can be sure to never surrender your personal information to a fraudster.

That’s why Pinnacle will never contact you and ask you to provide sensitive information about yourself or your account.

This means a Pinnacle representative will never initiate contact with you outside of our offices – by phone, by mail or by email – to ask (or insist) you respond to us and provide sensitive personal information.

“Phishing” is a common scheme where fraudsters contact you and attempt to coerce you to divulge information or visit a fraudulent website. Learn more about how to detect and thwart phishing attacks in this article.

Tips on Reporting Fraud

How to Report Identity Theft

Read this for steps you should take immediately.

Report a Lost or Stolen Debit/Credit Card

If you believe your Pinnacle debit or credit card is lost or stolen, call us immediately.

Finding a Legitimate ID Theft Protection Service

Depending on the services you want, you should be able to discover an option that fits your needs and your budget.


Protecting your Privacy

Federal law gives consumers the right to limit some of how your personal information is shared. See how Pinnacle protects your personal data.

Stop Email Fraud

Pinnacle developed a list of the Super Six questions you can ask yourself to help determine the legitimacy of any email.

Trusteer Rapport

We have teamed up with IBM to offer Trusteer Rapport—a leading provider of online fraud protection software. Find out how it delivers an extra layer of security.