What Additional Security Features Does Pinnacle Provide?

What Additional Security Features Does Pinnacle Provide?

Beyond the security of all Pinnacle systems and technologies, there are some very simple ways that Pinnacle clients can monitor their accounts to be sure they are free of fraud:

  • Online banking alerts – These automatic notifications can be customized to alert you when your account balance reaches a certain dollar amount, or a certain number of transactions are made. You can catch fraudulent activity immediately by monitoring this activity.
  • Mobile banking – This is another convenient tool that allows you to monitor your Pinnacle account balances and transactions. Be sure to read our article about keeping your mobile device secure.

Business clients may also want to consider Positive Pay, a treasury management service that electronically monitors every check your business writes and alerts you of any mismatches.

Technology can be a great tool in preventing fraud, but remember that the best way to prevent fraud is to be a hard target:

  • Use strong passwords
  • Don’t share your confidential information

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