Keep Holiday Shopping Safe with Card Controls and Alerts

Keep Holiday Shopping Safe with Card Controls and Alerts

Holiday shopping isn’t quite ready to go back to normal. While you try to navigate crowded spaces safely, manage delivery delays and prepare for possible toy shortages, you can take one concern off your plate.

Debit card controls and alerts can help keep your bank accounts secure by proactively protecting you from unauthorized transactions and disallowing any transactions if your card is stolen or compromised.

When should you use them? Here are some likely scenarios.

“I left my card at the store, and I can’t get it back today.”
“I can’t find my card, and I’m afraid I lost it.”

Use card controls to turn off your card. It’s easy. Log into Online Banking, navigate to Debit Card Center, choose a debit card and flip this switch to “OFF.”

Be aware, however, that any transactions flagged as recurring payments, credits, refunds and reversals may still be approved even while your card is turned off.

screenshot of online debit card center

If your card was stolen or you are otherwise certain you won’t be able to recover it, call the Pinnacle Client Service Center to cancel it and get a new one.

“I’m worried about my information being stolen from shopping online or a card skimmer at a store.”

Debit card alerts will send you a text or email (or both) to tell you about transactions that fit the parameters you want. You can set them up for transactions over a certain amount or at certain types of retailers. If you want to know everything, you can set up alerts for all transactions of any kind.

“I worry about fraud all the time and don’t want to risk any unauthorized transactions.”

Go one step beyond alerts. You can set up your account to deny any debit card transactions over a certain amount or at certain kinds of retailers. You can also deny any international transactions.

“I’m worried this will be too difficult to set up and manage.”

Our website at has a “how to” guide and answers to your most frequently asked questions. And our Client Service Center representatives are always available to help 24 hours a day.

“That’s fine for my debit card, but what about my credit cards?”

Mastercard credit cards from Pinnacle also allow you to set up transaction alerts. Visit for more information about our cards.

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