Small Business Treasury Services

Small Business Treasury Services

Every business deserves the convenience and advantages of improved cash flow.

Efficient and carefully timed cash flow is essential for companies of all sizes, but the treasury services needed to manage payment activity aren’t always cost effective for smaller companies. These services shouldn’t be available only to big companies with big needs.

  • Deposit checks without leaving the office and extend your deposit deadline to 7 p.m. CT.
  • Time payments for the precise moment that’s most advantageous to you.
  • Quickly and securely send payments directly from Online Banking.
  • Protect your business from check fraud and reconcile your account daily for more efficiency.

Pinnacle offers two ways for small businesses to enjoy the convenience, efficiency and security of essential treasury services:

  • Create Your Own Bundle
    By bundling services, small business owners can create a custom treasury program with the services they need at consistent and predictable prices. Choose one or more of these services to pay a flat monthly fee per service instead of individual fees per transaction.*
    • ACH Payments**
    • Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfers
    • Remote Deposit
    • Positive Pay
    • ACH Block and Filter

  • Payments On The Go
    Eliminate ACH and Wire monthly fees and only pay for each ACH or wire payment originated* by taking advantage of Small Business Treasury Payments on the Go.
    • ACH Payments
    • Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfers


To take advantage of these offerings, clients must have a Horizon 75, 150, 300 or 500 account. Each service is available on up to three Horizon accounts per client. 

*Additional fees apply for positive pay exception items, ACH reversals, ACH returns, and ACH notices of change. Horizon accounts are subject to transaction limitations

**Prefunding is required for credit transactions, and same-day transactions are unavailable.