Community Association Program

Community Association Program

Turnkey solutions with local service for property management

Property management companies have unique financial needs, especially when it comes to managing payments. Pinnacle offers a suite of products and services tailored to property management companies and homeowner associations to help send invoices, collect payments and pay bills.

Our distinctive client service, effective financial advice and best-in-class payment solutions are an unbeatable combination to help you control costs and expand capacity as your business grows, with:

  • A Community Association Program specialist, along with an experienced financial advisor based in your local market. We listen to your business goals and help you craft an industry-specific plan to help you achieve them.
  • Access to technologies that create game-changing efficiencies for your business while integrating your banking and accounting. This allows you to unlock labor cost savings, fuel growth and reach your goals.
  • Scalable products and services that let you take advantage of the technology your business needs now and table the rest until you need it. Our experts listen first, and then put together a customized plan with technology that can grow as your business increases without charging you for the “premium” suite before you need it.
  • Technology partnerships that allow you to increase the overall value you offer your clients through services such as website management, board communications, and mobile applications that integrate with our banking systems.
  • Experts who understand your industry, from the day-to-day challenges you face to the long-term obstacles in the industry. We partner with industry leading organizations to stay abreast of trends and regulatory developments.
  • Experienced advisors who can help you and your business make the best use of resources, make clients happy, protect your assets and provide for your future.

Pinnacle Financial Partners focuses on businesses, real estate professionals and consumers who desire a comprehensive relationship with their financial partner. In addition to distinctive service and effective advice, we offer property management clients deposit, lending and credit options that take into account the depth of our partnership.

Reach out to our community association specialist Howard Henry at (843) 839-7287 or email [email protected] today to start the conversation.