Managing Your Money

Managing Your Money

Never Write a Personal Check Again

Why write a check when you can pay bills--and your friends and family--electronically? Learn how new capabilities make it possible.

Podcast: 5 Ways to Minimize College Costs

The sooner you begin to find ways to pay for college, the more likely your student will be able to graduate without a terrible debt burden. Listen to these 5 tips for reducing the amount you'll need to borrow.

Fixing Surprise Credit Report Errors

Have you checked your credit report lately? Studies have shown as many as 79 percent of credit reports contain errors of some kind. Find out how to fix them.

Minimize Borrowing Costs for College

Student loan debt has reached $1 trillion. Here are some tips for avoiding debt overload while paying for higher education.

Score a Deal on Your Next Car

If you’re one of the millions of Americans expected to buy a new car or truck this year, here are some tips that will help you negotiate the best price.

11 Tips for Paying for the Perfect Car

Researchers expect auto sales to grow over the next few years. If you’re ready to replace your car with a newer model, here are some tips that will help you find and pay for the perfect ride.

Resolve to Control Your Finances in 2012

Are you among the 73 percent of Americans who made at least one money-related New Year’s resolution? If you haven’t made your resolutions yet or need some inspiration to stick with them, here are 12 ideas to get you started.

Football Season Means Colder Weather: Lower Your Energy Costs

Energy costs should be one of the first places you look to save money. Fortunately, the TVA makes it easy for Tennesseans to reduce their utility bills. Here are the five main steps in the process.

Saving Strategies for Inconsistent Incomes

Karen Clark reviews some tips for musicians and entertainers--or others with unpredictable incomes--to help you budget and save for retirement.

Impact of New Consumer Protection Bureau Unclear

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau opened for business on July 21. If you don’t know what the CFPB is, you’re not alone. A recent poll by Consumers Union found that 32 percent of respondents were not aware that the federal government had formed the agency.

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