Managing Your Money

Managing Your Money

Pinnacle’s New Mobile App: How to Get Ready and How to Log In

Pinnacle’s new mobile app is here. Many iPhone users got an automatic update and will see the new app the next time they pull it up. All others will have to take action to get it, like deleting the old app and visiting the App Store or Google Play to download the new one. Once you have it, what then? What’s different? How can you prepare?

Child Tax Credits: Why are we getting advance payments?

The new child tax credit payments are here. Did you know they're actually an advance on the normal child tax credit you claim on your tax return? Are you getting one? Do you want to decline the advance payments? Here's what you need to know.

Preventing and Recognizing Financial Abuse of Older Adults

In 2034, for the first time in U.S. history, adults ages 65+ are expected to outnumber children under 18. Many will remain active in the ensuing decades by traveling, taking up new hobbies and enjoying retirement. But older adults will still eventually need assistance with activities of daily living and business affairs, and the two don’t always track along the same timeline. Once an older adult becomes dependent on another person, whether a family member or professional, they become vulnerable to being taken advantage of or abused by someone who is supposed to assist and protect them.

How to Balance Student Loans and Early Debt with Long-term Goals

Between student loans, credit cards and other early debt, do young people ever have a chance of getting ahead? Yes! It’s not always easy—especially for those with six-digit student loans—but you can find the right balance between managing debt and planning for the future. Just keep these maxims in mind.

Choosing Cards that Put You in Control

Even as the world edges back toward “business as usual,” people continue to rely heavily on doing business digitally – with online shopping, delivery, curbside pick up, and alternative points of sale. The dominant payment form for all this activity? Cards. The challenge is to keep tabs on all the credit, debit and purchasing card activity that happens on a daily basis. Security features become very important, not just for reconciling accounts, but for preventing fraud. To mitigate your risk, here’s what to look for in the cards you use.

Is it there yet? Here’s how to check for your federal stimulus payment.

Now that the president signed the stimulus bill into law, millions of Americans are looking for their payment. Here are some frequently asked questions that may help ease your mind as you wait.

Divorce: The Financial Plan No One Wants to Make

Divorce is one of the most stressful occurrences in a person’s life and the lives of their family members. While we pray no one ever has to go through a divorce, there is a resource that will provide careful planning and mitigate some of this stress and take the uncertainty out of the financial aspects. A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®) can provide the analysis necessary to ensure that a couple’s divorce is equitable for both parties. An “equitable” divorce doesn’t necessarily mean an “equal” one.

Insurance 101: When you’re young, you still need a safety net

One piece of adulthood that can feel daunting is insurance. What kind and how much does a 20-30-something need? Asking a professional to help you “shop” is great first step, and here’s a summary of the types of coverage to consider.

How to Enroll in eStatements – and Why It’s a Smart Decision

eStatements have been around for many years but have become increasingly popular lately. If you’re working away from the office, you can access them at home or while traveling—anywhere you have an Internet connection. Here's why you should join the paperless world and move your bank business to eStatements.

Debit or Credit? When to Use Each

While reducing reliance on credit cards may help control overspending, there are times when making a purchase with a credit card makes good financial sense. Here are some suggestions for when to use debit instead of credit and vice versa.

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