Managing Your Money

Managing Your Money

Insuring Your Deposits: Sample Account Scenarios

This article demonstrates how a husband, wife and one child may achieve far more than the standard $250,000 limit in one financial institution.

Insuring Your Deposits: Categories of Ownership

Your deposits held in different account ownership categories are insured separately from each other. Understand how and maximize your FDIC insurance coverage.

Insuring Your Deposits: Insurance Limits

The FDIC now insures more deposits than ever before. Find out which accounts are covered and for what amounts.

Resist Borrowing from Your Future

Instead of turning to drastic measures to cover today’s expenses, consider these tips for keeping your nest egg intact.

Creating a Financial Readiness Kit

If the worst happened to you tomorrow – a tornado, fire, hurricane, flood – what would happen to your most important documents? We don’t talk enough about having a plan for our finances. Here are some steps you can take right now to help prepare.

Plan Year-End Giving Wisely

‘Tis the season for giving. Approximately 31% of all annual charitable giving occurs in December, with 12% in the last three days alone. In addition to helping a good cause, charitable donations can also make a difference in your tax bill. If you’re planning to make a gift to a charity over the holidays, here are some general guidelines to keep in mind. As always, consult an accountant or tax advisor for information specific to your situation.

Make Gift Giving Stress-free by Planning Now… for Next Year

Managing holiday finances is often one of the most difficult things about the season. Here are some ways you can get started now to be in good shape for spending on gifts, travel, entertaining and more next year.

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