Managing Your Money

Managing Your Money

Managing Personal Finances Like a Business

Many people don’t think about their lives as a business, but a lot of the lessons we learn at work can serve us well at home. Most of us deal with money in some way at the office, but we take a more relaxed approach when it comes time to organize and manage our personal finances.

6 Ways to Cut Business and Personal Expenses

In any economic environment, businesses and individuals look for ways to trim expenses and maximize efficiency. Following are several strategies that individuals and small business owners can use to save money related to their finances.

How the New Overdraft Rules Affect You

New consumer-protection rules on bank overdraft fees for ATM and debit card transactions will take effect this summer. Learn how the changes affect you and how to opt in or out of Pinnacle Overdraft Privilege.

Think Twice Before Touching Your 401(k)

With fewer and fewer companies offering defined benefit retirement plans, the government put in place IRAs and 401(k) plans to encourage saving for retirement. Strict governmental rules and penalties are in place to discourage use of those funds for purposes other than retirement.

Prepare to Leave a Legacy

At a time when non-profits need resources the most, charitable giving is down. Americans either are focusing more on saving or diverting their assets elsewhere as a result of the recession.

Getting Organized for Financial Planning

Gathering the information and documents from this checklist is the first step in creating a comprehensive financial plan.

Keeping Business, Personal Finances Separate

It’s worth taking the time to create distinct accounts for personal and business expenses for several reasons.

Credit Reports: Why Bother Checking?

Errors could keep you from buying a house or getting a job. Find out how to check your credit report and what to do if you find a mistake.

Resist Borrowing from Your Future

Instead of turning to drastic measures to cover today’s expenses, consider these tips for keeping your nest egg intact.

How To: Opt Out of Overdraft Privilege

While there are advantages to our standard overdraft privilege (ODP), you may have decided it’s not right for you. There are two options for opting out.

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