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How To: Opt Out of Overdraft Privilege

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How To: Opt Out of Overdraft Privilege

While there are advantages to our standard overdraft privilege (ODP), you may have decided it’s not right for you. There are two options for opting out.

  • Opt out of the service for ATM and debit card transactions: You may opt out of ODP for the authorization and payment of ATM and debit card transactions. If you do not have sufficient funds in your account, your ATM and debit card transactions will be declined. This will keep you from making a mistake.

    However, it is still critical you track your spending. Turning off ODP on your ATM/debit transactions will not account for outstanding checks or other pending transactions. Those items may still overdraw your account and, in that case, you may want us to pay them into your overdraft privilege.

  • Opt out of the service entirely: You may opt out of the ODP service for all types of transactions if you believe that will help you better manage your finances. This means that if you overdraw your account, there will be no cushion to cover the items outstanding. Your debit card/ATM transactions will be declined if adequate funds are not available. Any checks may be returned and assessed the returned item fee both from Pinnacle and the merchant.

To opt out of any of these services, simply contact any Pinnacle office or our Client Service Center at 1.800.264.3613.

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