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Managing Your Money

Managing Your Money

5 Tips for Safe Online Holiday Shopping

Chances are you’re one of the millions of consumers who plan on ordering a few holiday items from the comfort of your home instead of braving the malls. If that’s the case, it’s important to know how to keep your personal information safe online.

Get the Most from Your Savings

How many of us feel like we're saving enough? Just 29 percent of Americans say they have enough in emergency savings. Another 23 percent admit to no savings at all. These tips can help you protect and grow the money you set aside for later.

Switching Bank Accounts in 5 Easy Steps

Many consumers are frustrated with big banks but are hesitant to switch because they think it will be a hassle. It doesn't have to be if you follow these 5 easy steps.

5 Important Insurance Policies Most People Don’t Think About

You have car insurance and homeowner's insurance, but what other coverage do you need? Are you missing these 5 often overlooked policies?

Vacation Planning to Avoid Travel Scams and Fraud

During vacation season, crooks look for opportunities everywhere. While you’re planning and booking your trip, take a little extra time to protect yourself and your finances to make sure you come home with everything you brought with you.

Help Your New Grad Save with These Financial Gifts

Cash is king when it comes to graduation presents, but if you want to make sure your gift helps form a foundation for future success, consider these options. The special student in your life will remember the gesture for a long time.

The One Person Who Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Getting what you want out of the new year doesn’t have to be a long shot. Working with this trusted confidant, you can build a plan to meet your financial goals and achieve your New Year's resolutions.

Planning Your Finances for a New Year

If you want to take advantage of opportunities to save on your 2014 tax bill and get a jump start for the new year, the time to act is now. Here are five ways to wrap up the year and start your 2015 finances on the right foot.

Make Gift Giving Stress-free by Planning Now… for Next Year

Managing holiday finances is often one of the most difficult things about the season. Here are some ways you can get started now to be in good shape for spending on gifts, travel, entertaining and more next year.

5 Budgeting Tips for Smart Holiday Shopping

Aside from gifts, when you think about all the holiday purchases you make-–decorations, greeting cards, travel, food and cookies, etc.-—it really adds up. Here are some ways to plan your holiday spending so you don’t start 2015 in debt.

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