Managing Your Money

Managing Your Money

Teaching Children About Money

How soon should I be talking to my children about money? It’s a question we hear a lot. Parents know it’s an important life skill that their children need, but knowing what’s developmentally appropriate is vital. We offer suggestions for parents as well as links the FDIC's Money Smart for Young People curriculum and games for kids.

Saving, Investing and Finding Balance in the Sandwich Generation

Supporting your kids and your parents at the same time can be tough. So how do you find balance – and space for your own needs – when you’re part of the “sandwich generation”?

Six Steps for Personal Budgeting

Does it seem like your money disappears as quickly as you earn it? Curiosity about that “phenomenon” is a great cue for the start of a successful budget plan. Follow that spirit of inquiry to find out where all your money has been hiding and put some structure in place in the form of a personal budget.

Keys to Early Financial Planning

You’re just starting out. You spent a long time in school preparing for this moment. This may be the first time you’ve had a good amount of money left over after paying your bills, and you hope it only goes up from here. Where do you start in building a smart financial plan? Here are the basics.

How To: Use Mobile Check Deposit

Many Americans will receive stimulus checks by mail soon. So now is a great time to download the mobile app and practice making deposits from home!

Guide to Shopping for a Bank

Is your banking relationship working for you? Whether you’re moving to a new city, opening a new business or just need more from your bank, picking a new one – and then making the switch – takes some time and effort. Concerns about safety and security may also factor in your decision. What should you look for? We’ve collected a few resources here to help.

Getting Organized for Financial Planning

Gathering the information and documents from this checklist is the first step in creating a comprehensive financial plan.

A Guide to FDIC Insurance

America is bubbling with questions about FDIC insurance. We’ve collected a series of articles with advice on FDIC insurance, including the basics of coverage and ways to structure accounts to get more. 

Insuring Your Deposits: Sample Account Scenarios

This article demonstrates how spouses with one child may achieve far more than the standard $250,000 limit in one financial institution.

Insuring Your Deposits: Categories of Ownership

Your deposits held in different account ownership categories are insured separately from each other. Understand how and maximize your FDIC insurance coverage.

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