A Guide to FDIC Insurance

America is bubbling with questions about FDIC insurance.

  • What do I do with uninsured deposits?
  • How much coverage can I get?
  • How can my bank help me get more?
  • Where do I turn with questions?

We’ve collected a series of articles with advice on FDIC insurance, including the basics of coverage and ways to structure accounts to get more. 

Insuring Your Deposits: Insurance Limits
The purpose of the FDIC is to insure your money in the event that your bank fails. The FDIC is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government. Deposits in an FDIC insured bank, like Pinnacle, are insured dollar-for-dollar up to the insurance limit.

Insuring Your Deposits: Categories of Ownership
The deposits held in different account ownership categories at FDIC member banks are insured separately from each other, thus maximizing the possible coverage at one financial institution. Here we outline the categories of ownership and the limits in each.

Insuring Your Deposits: Sample Account Scenarios
To help you better understand how different account ownership categories can increase your FDIC coverage, we’ve created a fictional example of a married couple, Alex and Jordan Smith, who have one child, Darcy. They may achieve far more than the standard $250,000 limit in one financial institution.

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