Alternatives to Standard Overdraft Privilege

Alternatives to Standard Overdraft Privilege

We want to remind you of several programs and options that would likely reduce the cost of using your account. The options below may be less expensive than our standard overdraft privilege (ODP).

  • Overdraft protection: You can avoid fees by linking your savings or line of credit account to your checking account for the payment of overdraft items. Assuming you have funds available in the connected account, there is no fee for transferring money between accounts.
  • Opt out of standard overdraft privilege for ATM and one-time debit card transactions: This would mean that ATM withdrawals and one time debit card transactions will be declined if you do not have sufficient funds for the transaction. This option may help you better manage your account.
  • Opt out of the service entirely: You may opt out of the ODP service completely (for both debit and ATM transactions, as well as checks) if you believe that will help you better manage your finances.

To take advantage of any of these options, simply contact any Pinnacle office or our Client Service Center at 1.800.264.3613.

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