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Phone Credit Phishing Scams

Many people are receiving phone calls or text messages offering a credit on their carrier’s account (Verizon, ATT, Sprint, etc.)  These phone calls or text messages are phishing scams targeted at collecting personal information including passwords, personal information, bank account or credit card numbers. The incoming phone numbers used may be “spoofed” or falsely imitating actual call center numbers.

This specific scam has been circulating for a while now and will most likely reappear in other similar forms in the future. All such calls or messages are aimed at soliciting your personal information for fraudulent purposes. If you receive a phone call from a source claiming to be from your phone’s carrier, DO NOT go to any website provided in the message and DO NOT provide any information to the caller whether live or via automated service.

As is the case with phishing scams that arrive via email, phone phishing can be avoided if properly identified. Never provide personal information in response to SMS, text messages or phone calls requesting such data. If you suspect that a request is valid, call the source back using a contact number posted on the official carrier’s website and confirm the request before providing any personal information. Legitimate callers won’t request your personal information like your name, address, home phone or cell number, passwords, PINS or payment information. They’ll already have it.

You are your own first and best line of defense. If you are mindful of potential traps and are observant of the signs of these types of scams, you can better defend yourself against criminals attempting to con you whether via email or phone.

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