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[Webinar] How to Understand Hyperlinks

Pop quiz:

How long would it take a novice computer user to change the hyperlink to  

The answer: 33 seconds!

What information can a criminal capture if I click a fraudulent hyperlink in an email?

The answer: Every username and password you type while using your computer!

Click here to view a 7-minute webinar, where you'll learn about the anatomy of hyperlinks and then learn how that information can be used to determine if a hyperlink is legitimate.

Protecting your Privacy

Federal law gives consumers the right to limit some of how your personal information is shared. See how Pinnacle protects your personal data.

Stop Email Fraud

Pinnacle developed a list of the Super Six questions you can ask yourself to help determine the legitimacy of any email.

Trusteer Rapport

Trusteer Rapport will not be supported in Tennessee after Dec. 31, 2018. Instructions for uninstalling the software are available here.