This Email from Pinnacle is Real and Safe to Click

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This Email from Pinnacle is Real and Safe to Click

Pinnacle often advises clients to be very careful about email fraud, particularly phishing attempts that appear to come from a trusted source but actually want to steal your passwords or install malicious software. Because we know you’re cautious, this time we want to give you advance notice of an email that is legitimate and safe that we will soon send to many clients.

Pinnacle routinely reaches out to clients asking for feedback about various experiences, like after you open a new account, after you conduct a transaction at a Pinnacle office or on the anniversary of you becoming a Pinnacle client.

How do you know this email is safe?

  • It will come from Pinnacle Financial Partners, with the sender address or
  • It will feature both the Pinnacle logo and the logo of a partner organization, like J.D. Power, for example.
  • It will include a link that leads to a URL containing either the words “Pinnacle” or “J.D. Power.” This link will be unique to you.
    • To see where a link inside of an email leads, you can hover your mouse cursor over the link without clicking to see the full address. It’s best to click email links only on your computer, as mobile devices make link inspection more difficult.

We still urge you to be extra cautious about email links and email communication in general. Cybersecurity experts around the world have tracked a significant increase in cyber-attacks and phishing attempts since 2020, and the threat has only grown. It’s smart and prudent to be more vigilant than ever.

If you receive a survey email from Pinnacle and have concerns or questions, you can always reach out to your financial advisor or call our Client Service Center to verify its legitimacy.

If you want a refresher on how to be safe with email and other digital communications, our Learning Center has a number of articles and recorded webinars on the subject.

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