Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Our workplace is inclusive.

  • Our Diversity and Inclusion Policy describes our commitment to creating a great workplace for all.
  • Our values call us to treat everyone fairly with mutual respect.
  • We offer safe, accepting and accessible physical work spaces.
  • Balance is one of our values, and we expect associates to have strong work/life balance.
  • We offer flexible work practices and policies to support associates and their changing needs. For example, we offer 100% paid benefits for new parents (mothers, fathers and adoptive) in addition to our overall family leave practices.

Our culture is inclusive.

  • We ensure all associates share our values of integrity, partnership, fairness, learning, balance, results and discipline. Each associate receives an annual values assessment as part of their performance review.
  • Each market has a culture club – a group of people who are responsible for understanding cultural challenges and opportunities. These groups create a spirit of inclusiveness and closeness among associates.
  • We promote a culture where associates get to know one another on a personal basis through book clubs, peer meetings and social activities.
  • We conduct listening sessions and work environment surveys to ensure everyone’s voice is heard. We share the results with a high level of transparency and responsiveness.
  • We ask leaders to ensure they receive feedback regularly so they can be responsive to challenges and changing needs.

Our hiring model is inclusive.

  • Pinnacle is an equal opportunity employer based on experience, ability, performance, and potential. 
  • We engage in outreach efforts to minority, veteran, and other diverse organizations to create and foster diverse applicant pools.
  • We ensure potential new hires share our values and will fit well in a diverse and inclusive organization.
  • We are committed to just wages and have consistently led the way in the banking industry for employee compensation. We recently raised our minimum wage to $15 per hour.
  • We carefully monitor our compensation practices to ensure fairness and develop strategies to resolve any identified gaps.
  • Every manager completes the required training on our hiring practices.

Our work with clients is inclusive.

  • Our offices are designed to be a welcoming environment that reflects our community.
  • Our associates receive annual training in order to ensure all clients and prospects are treated fairly in business decisions – credit and loan approvals, rates, and other needs.
  • We are an equal housing lender and committed to fair, equitable, and responsible lending.
  • We intentionally work to engage diverse business groups in order to meet their financial needs – chambers of commerce, minority, and female business groups.

Our community investment is inclusive.

  • We invest in diverse communities with a focus on creating more equity in areas where it is lacking to improve quality of life. We focus our efforts in four major categories – health and human services, education, economic development and the arts.
  • Within economic development, affordable housing is top investment priority by providing financial aid, affordable lending, down payment matching, counseling, and direct volunteer service.
  • Community investment and volunteer service are associate-driven, with budgeting and projects set according to the passions of our people.
  • Each year we support hundreds of nonprofit organizations as a direct result of requests from our associates and clients.