Last Wishes and a Lifelong Relationship

Last Wishes and a Lifelong Relationship

Lakeshia Grippon was shocked when a client revealed he had weeks to live. And the relationship that developed afterward surprised everyone.

She was understandably taken aback by the frank statement that he was about to die. So she never forgot him, and many weeks later, after he passed away, she saw his widow when she came into the bank.

“She said ‘it’s OK, he’s at peace, and I’m at peace that he’s at peace,’” Lakeshia said. “So we all decided as a team to purchase a movie ticket for three for her and her two children, and then we got a card, and we wrote little personal notes inside.”

It was a very small gesture for a woman going through an unimaginable tragedy, but it touched her heart greatly. So much so that she bounded back into the bank to tell Lakeshia how much it meant. But that wasn't all. She wanted to take Lakeshia and her fellow associates for a night out at the movies with the gift card they had bought her.

“I have never had a bank that did something like that,” the woman said. “You guys are so wonderful and so sweet.”

A few weeks later, the woman returned to show how much their distinctive service had meant to her. She made a move that shows she very well may be a Pinnacle client for life.