Earning Trust with a New Partner

Earning Trust with a New Partner

There’s no substitute for a deep relationship with a trusted financial advisor.

“Jerry made us important. … [He] has opened my eyes to look at it a little bit different, as someone who takes care of our company, other than the nuts and bolts. He gets to know who we are and takes care of our company.”

Trust isn't built on transactions; it’s earned through consistently delivering distinctive service and effective advice. That’s just what happened with John and Gail Mapp, owners of Level Construction Services in Atlanta, GA.

They’d never met Jerry Banks and or even heard of Pinnacle. Still, they decided to give him a chance, to try out the new bank in town and see what they could do together. They started small, with a single account. The excitement grew on both sides, so they tried another and another … until the Mapps not only entrusted Jerry with their business but also their personal finances and those of their kids, as well.

What they found is that Jerry and his entire team gave them more than they ever expected from a bank. They no longer thought of their banking relationship as transactional. The Mapps now have a trusted partner they can rely on every time, in every instance.

Jerry earned their trust with Pinnacle’s culture of service and advice, and everyone came away a winner. This is their story.