Terron Johnson

Terron Johnson

Terron Johnson
Mortgage Advisor
NMLS #: 323690

15025 Ballancroft Parkway
Charlotte, NC28277
Phone: 980.666.4359


I love what I do because it gives me the chance to help people by advising and coaching them on the biggest purchase they’ll ever make. Sometimes it’s a person who isn’t in a position to own a home yet but does the work it takes to improve their situation and become a homeowner. Or it may be helping a client understand the leverage of equity they have so they can free up cash flow and get out of bad debt. I once helped a veteran who had been through a foreclosure during the 2008 downturn and had terrible anxiety about owning a home again. We worked hard as a team to get him ready and find the right home, taking advantage of his VA benefits and overcoming his fears of the process. It was one of many fulfilling experiences I’ve been fortunate to have in this career. I love seeing people win and achieve their financial goals.



  • Has worked with mortgages since 2002
  • From Baltimore, then to Roanoke and now lives in Charlotte
  • Loves football and basketball and is the Dallas Cowboys’ No. 1 fan (but don’t hold that against him)

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