Robert Bobo

Robert Bobo

Robert Bobo
Mortgage Advisor
NMLS #: 1424660

1503 Old Towne Road
Charleston, SC29407
Phone: 843.576.1365
Fax: 855.498.1652


"Helping people with home finance isn’t just about taking orders. It’s about doing everything I can to improve their overall financial picture. I once helped an elderly client refinance her home shortly after her husband passed away. She had quite a bit of credit card debt and needed to reduce her monthly expenses. But she had a hard time getting around and wasn’t very good with technology, so most lenders wouldn’t help her. I visited her house several times and helped her refinance her home and cut her mortgage payments significantly. I even referred her to a few insurance agents who saved her even more. There’s nothing better than that – helping someone in a tough spot or helping them make their dream a reality."

About Robert

  • Has worked with mortgages since 2001
  • Born in Charleston, grew up in Myrtle Beach and returned to Charleston in 1997
  • Loves spending time with his wife and daughters, fishing and kayaking

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