Marta Siordia

Marta Siordia

Marta Siordia
Community Mortgage Advisor

2201 North Elm Street
Greensboro, NC27408
Phone: 336.285.7433
Fax: 336.285.7432

Home lending can be a daunting process. It’s not something people deal with very often, which means many people need a lot of help understanding how it works and what to do next. That’s why I love it. I take pride in being an expert who can guide clients through it all and take the intimidation out of it. What truly brings me joy is seeing a transaction through to the finish line and the happiness on their faces. It’s incredibly rewarding to make a positive impact on someone’s life.

One of the most heartwarming experiences in my career was helping an older single woman achieve her dream of purchasing her first home. She had selflessly adopted her three granddaughters and was determined to provide them with a stable and loving home. The challenge was her limited financial resources, making it difficult to cover the down payment and closing costs. After a thorough financial review, we decided on a mortgage product with down payment assistance. We also collaborated with her realtor to negotiate a seller credit, which not only reduced her mortgage balance but also allowed her to retain a significant portion of her savings for potential emergencies. The journey was far from easy, but our determination prevailed. When we reached the closing table, there were tears of joy in our eyes. Witnessing their happiness and knowing I had made a significant positive impact in their lives was an immensely gratifying moment in my career. It’s experiences like these that remind me of the profound difference we can make in people’s lives through our work. 


  • Has worked with mortgages since 2015
  • Is from California and now lives in Greensboro
  • Loves reading non-fiction, riding bikes with her family and water colors
  • On the board of the American Society of Triad Board Ambassadors, volunteers with Women in Motion High Point, Junior Achievement and Open Table; involved with the Winston-Salem Home Builders Association and Winston-Salem Association of Realtors

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