Laura Hollis

Laura Hollis

Laura Hollis
Mortgage Manager
NMLS #: 268674

949 S. Shady Grove Road
Memphis, TN38120
Phone: 901.259.5635
Fax: 901.261.1902


I have been helping clients with purchasing, refinancing and constructing their homes since 1986. The wealth of experience I have gained over the years supports my commitment to providing excellent service and guiding clients through all aspects of home financing. I get tremendous satisfaction from becoming someone’s trusted advisor. I am very proud to lead our team of the best mortgage advisors in West Tennessee and Northern Mississippi. Without exception, each and every advisor is a seasoned professional. We enjoy the education process, explaining every detail along the way to eliminate last minute surprises. By working toward forming a relationship, rather than concentrating on a single transaction, our clients are able to develop a plan that meets not only their immediate needs but also future goals and objectives.

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