Chris Avans

Chris Avans

Chris Avans
Mortgage Manager
NMLS #: 375117

1111 Northshore Dr.
Knoxville, TN37919
Phone: 865.766.3002
Fax: 865.766.3102


“A branch manager at one of the credit unions in Knoxville referred a client to me who had been turned down by two other lending institutions. This couple was fairly pessimistic that I could help. After speaking with them and taking the application, we couldn’t do anything at that moment because of some past credit issues. However, I went over their credit with them line by line and gave them some tips on how to improve their scores. They took my advice and were able to purchase the home within 6 months. These individuals are lifetime clients now because I sat down with them and showed them what could be done to get them where they wanted to go instead of saying NO and sending them on their way.”

About Chris

  • Graduate of the University of New Orleans
  • Volunteer coach for the Diamond Simcox Academy travel team
  • Volunteer coach for the Farragut Rec League

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