Chad Montgomery

Chad Montgomery

Mortgage Advisor
NMLS #: 534943

409 Madison St. SE
Huntsville, AL35801
Phone: 256.809.1615
Fax: 256.809.1616


People call the mortgage process difficult, and I think that’s only because they don’t have the right partner. I’ve dealt with clients who had difficult experiences at other lenders. They came to me with little hope left in their hearts but still gave me a chance to look over their information and see what we could do together. Because I actually enjoy streamlining the process and making it easier, they are all happily in their new homes and still sending me referrals to this day. They are why I love this job.



  • Has worked in mortgage lending since 2007.
  • From Tucson, AZ, and has lived in Huntsville since 2015.
  • Loves playing sports with his son, camping and ATV riding.
  • Volunteers with Family Services Center educating people about mortgages and home ownership.

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